About ECS

ECS started in 2006, as a full service chassis modifier for the large truck market.  The former President of Schwing America, Tom Anderson, is one of the owners of ECS and has 30 years experience in the chassis modifications business.  ECS has the knowledge to build a truck for entry into any State or Province, using specific axle spreads and configurations for excessive weight.  We house an Engineering staff offering 14 years combined experience with Truck Engineering and will lead the truck in the proper direction throughout the build.  Our modern facility is located in the Industrial Park in Somerset, WI and houses 12 large working bays. 



ECS offers many different services to our customers.  We can handle any task given to us from simple truck maintenance to a rear-steer chassis conversion.  As our name implies, we house a full engineering staff to support our chassis designs.  Our Engineers not only design all the parts, but also go through each chassis during and after the build to ensure the truck leaves our facility appearing factory prepped.

Services Offered:      

  • Twin-Steer, Tri-Steer, Rear-Steer Conversions
  • Laser alignments
  • Light maintenance
  • DOT certification
  • Frame Extensions
  • Wheelbase changes
  • Additional frame support
  • Pusher/Tag Axles
  • Steerable hydraulic drive assist system
  • All wheel drive conversions
  • Power Take Off mounting
  • Custom Engineering
  • Air Ride Conversions
  • Body Installations
  • Truck Customization
  • Custom Bodies
  • Specialty Trucks


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