rear-steer minnesotaECS Rear-Steer is an engineered solution for all long wheel base carriers that will benefit from improved maneuverability. Unlike other systems that require numerous ball joints and pivot points to activate the steer mechanism, the ECS method simplifies the entire process with a proven mechanical system with fewer moving parts.  In addition to providing a more reliable rear-steering system, this particular set up retains perfect alignment and eliminates the play that is inevitable with the more complicated systems available. The ECS Rear-Steer is the only system on the market that has gone through and met the braking standards set forth by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards Commission. ECS has put the system through the motions going, four years strong. This Rear-Steer system is adaptable to any chassis, while reducing turning radius by approximately 20% depending on wheelbase.

 *The SRS (Schwing Rear Steer) package is available to all existing Schwing Concrete Pump Truck Owners without the need to dismount the pump for installation.