Simard Multi-Steers



Our front twin steer spring suspension provides the robustness needed for heavy work, the on-road comfort and reliability signed Simard. Lighter, this suspension gives you easy access to wear parts and allows you to reduce your maintenance costs. Offer yourself the best twin steer in the market while maximizing tirelife. Pay a choice!



Introduced to meet the needs of the concrete pump market, the AMS60TR Front Tridem Suspension offers the same advantages as tandem suspensions. This product distributes the load over three steering axles, offering a load capacity of 60000 lbs.

Twin-Steer + Tri-Steer

twin-steerThe ECS Twin-Steer and Tri-Steer suspensions are the perfect solution when it comes to overweight trucks traveling the highways.  Some of the key benefits of these suspension systems are handling, maneuverability, reduced tire wear, and stability.  In many cases this suspension design is the only solution to allow entry into specific states and provinces for bridge laws.  These proven suspensions systems are ideal for the construction, oil field, mining, and forestry industries.  




Equalizing Suspension:

  • Rocking beam design allows equalization of weight between axles
  • Allowable 40,000 lb carrying capacity per tandem grouping and 60,000 per tridem grouping
  • Spreads available in 54”, 60”, 66”, 69”, 72”, 83”, 96" (Custom Spreads also available with lead time)
  • Adaptable to all axle designs and Vehicle Makes
  • OEM matched axles and steer components
  • Increased articulation over uneven terrain
  • Retain OEM turning radius
  • Retains precise axle alignment reducing tire wear
  • OEM style spring bushings and pins for easy maintenance

Air-Ride Twin-Steer Suspension:

  • Available in 83” spread currently (Custom spreads available with lead time)
  • Smooth and quiet ride
  • 40,000 lb allowable capacity
  • Adjustable air pressure for varying loads


ECS Equalizing Tri-Steer       

  ECS Equalizing Tri-Steer               Equalizing Twin-Steer                Air-Ride Twin Steer


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